Lydia Pinkham Open Studios
November 18-19, 2017 | 10am-5pm

Tim Hansen

Meet Our Artists


Tim Hansen & Kate Luchini
Room 313C
Enameling, Jewelry, Art, Home

Digs studio was established in 2014 to renew the craft of enameling. Prized for saturated colors and lustrous, durable finish, at its zenith enamel was used for everything from tableware to traffic lights. Partners Kate Luchini and Tim Hansen bring out the best of these qualities to create handmade copper enamel jewelry and artwork that elevate and update a time-honored tradition.

Digs enamels are like nothing you've seen before. Nostalgic and weathered, pieces like crushed hearts, tromp l'oeil birch bark and "paper airplanes" go beyond trends to evoke memory and forge emotional connection. Like broken-in jeans or a lucky beach stone, digs pieces become part of your story.

Drawing on influences as wide-ranging as beachcombing, origami and the 70’s pop culture of their youth, Kate and Tim bring together their personal histories. Digs re-energizes enameling, contrasting rustic and refined, organic and geometric for layered, nuanced designs that put a new spin on a tradition.