Lydia Pinkham Open Studios
November 18-19, 2017 | 10am-5pm

Sharon Santillo

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Sharon Santillo
Room 314D
Collage and Writing Workshops

Don’t you wish you had asked your grandparents and parents more questions? Your friends and family will feel the same way about you and your stories!

Join Sharon Santillo and make a beautiful book of one of your family’s stories in a Family Stories through Art workshop. This is an art course in simple collage techniques and a writing class that uses art to lead writing. No prerequisites, just bring your stories and “prepare for a transforming experience!”

Over ten hours of class time participants hand paint papers, cut and paste to create three collages for the beginning, middle and end of a family story. Creating the visual scene and orally rehearsing stories ease into the writing of the story. Participants will finish with all the elements of a six-page book and publishing suggestions for sharing with family and friends. One day/one page story workshops are also available.

Sharon Santillo is a certified art and writing trainer for the University of New Hampshire using Picturing Writing®. This art-and-literature-based model for teaching writing works successfully with all ages and all levels of art and language proficiency. Santillo taught art in Maynard Public Schools for 27 years and, in 2011, she was named Massachusetts Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Santillo truly believes we are all artists and that creativity is inherent in what it is to be human. After following research done at Emory University on the value of families knowing their history, Santillo is on a mission to encourage people to ask questions and collect family stories while they can. She helps all ages and abilities to use art to lead writing and to preserve their family stories. Book a workshop in 2018 for yourself and your friends, your family reunion, your organization, or your company.

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