Lydia Pinkham Open Studios
November 18-19, 2017 | 10am-5pm

Kyle Day Artist

Meet Our Artists


Kyle Day
Room 316

Kyle Day is a graphic designer and ceramic artist living and working in the greater Boston area. Born and raised in Maine, he studied at Boston University and graduated in 2005.

A rural childhood filled with farms, pine forests, and rocky coastlines influences his natural, utilitarian aesthetic, while his work as a designer and love for Danish style ensure that simplicity and function remain the focus for his work.

This is Kyle's seventh year participating in Open Studios, and his sixth as part of the planning team.

My work is created in porcelain and fired to cone 7 in an electric kiln. For some pieces, I hand-dye the porcelain by kneading colorants directly into the clay body before forming on the wheel. This process is labor-intensive, but gives the final product a rich finish that surface painting alone cannot achieve.

In some cases, I brush a thin, liquid slip onto the piece before firing to add depth and highlight surface texture.