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November 18-19, 2017 | 10am-5pm

Kathleen Cormier

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Kathleen Cormier
Room 114
Fashion, Post-Consumer Newspaper

Couture Planet® is a woman owned business located in Lynn, Massachusetts that manufactures handbags and accessories from 100% post consumer newspaper. All products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA. Our bags available in a variety of styles and shapes and bear headlines from the world of fashion, art, food, travel, sports, etc. We also welcome custom orders. Each bag tells a unique story. “Newspapers are iconic and historic,” notes founder, Constance Carman. “I don’t know if people realize what a treasure they are. We are trying to create a green, unique, MADE IN AMERICA product that means something special to its owner.”

The company was founded in 2009 as a recycling project. Couture Planet® maintains a sewing shop in Lynn, Massachusetts. Partners, Kathy Cormier and Michelle Kane run the daily business and are fully committed to creating a sustainable product - and business - in the local community while expanding the parameters of the MADE IN AMERICA movement. The City of Lynn has a long history as a manufacturing hub; we aim to honor and grow this tradition. All products are sewn in our eco-conscious manufacturing facility. Our repurposed leather straps are made by a family-owned company here in New England. We employ the underserved and mentor students through a local jobs program. We are committed to connect, collaborate, and contribute to our local community.